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It’s a really sad thing. We might have been the first species to create new biospheres from scratch on other planets, but instead, we wasted this civilisation so that a few rich people could get richer. The Space Age is almost over. The Myth of Progress is failing. Now we will need the techologies invented to build gardens on Mars here on Earth just so that we don’t starve, some time within the next few decades. Eating algae and cockroach burgers because that’s all there is to eat.

What we all can do now is learn how to do things. How to build and maintain manageable ecosystems anywhere, something that is usually referred to as permaculture, and which is the only true Green Revolution. We’ll have to become extreme omnivores and learn to turn anything edible into a meal, even if it’s some weird insects and fungi.

If you’re not into gardening, learn something about science, engineering, medicine. Learn something that’s still useful when the world around you starts to fall apart.

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